Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Friggin Boilin Now!

I just read where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said on John King USA that conservative dissatisfaction with the Republican leadership was “irrelevant” because in November they’d vote for the GOP. It's because of RINO S--theads like him that can't keep their hands out of our pockets, that were in the shape we're in. Some how we got to change the mindset of our Republican encumbants.

This guy was renominated for re-election in KY. How this bum kept from getting thrown out is beyond me. I tell you we have an uphill battle on our hands. We have to fight the socialist left and our own party as well.

After 4 years of GH Bush spending, 8 more years of disasterous Clinton spending, 8 more years of Bush spending and now facing a full 4 years of World Class spending by our socialist leader Barack Obama we'll have 24 years, count'em over 2 decades to reverse. If we don't find another Ronald Reagan, we're in for BankRuptcy with a capital($) "B"

I really don't think we can get where we need to be with our current Rebublican Party. If Republican politicians are not willing to change, then we need a new Conservative Party. I don't care what Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity believe. You can see where we are with our current set of clowns. Even though I love them both, just how effective have they been. We're still in trouble.


  1. Okay, I'll just go for the low-hanging fruit. "disastrous Clinton spending" = false. Remember? He balanced the budget.

  2. Amy, I think maybe it might have been Newt and the boys after the takeover in Billy's first term.

  3. I think Billy could have been a decent President had he not got caught with his pants down!