Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who do I TRUST?

April 11, 2010

Who do I trust?

I tell you what; let’s make a list of the shitheads I trust the least. #1 on the list is politicians. These bastards have spent 50 years stealing every friggin dime from every person they could lay their slimy hands on. I kinda think you right “minded people” feel the same. The key words there are “right minded”.

Today I read an article with the following “According to current projections by the trustees responsible for Medicare, the Medicare Hospital Insurance program will run out of money in 2017. When that happens, Medicare will be unable to pay all of its hospital bills.”

“Making matters worse; Congress plans to use funds from Medicare to pay for health care reform, which will put further pressure on the Medicare Trust Fund.”

My God, how the shitheads love so called trust funds. If the money is held in a trust fund shouldn’t it NOT be available for the slimy politicians to steal? I guess the word trust is used kind of loosely.

What really has me riled up is how me and millions like me have spent our entire lives working our butts off trying to attain the American dream. We volunteer to defend our country, we sacrifice so our kids can have a better life, we do our part to help our community, we don’t break the laws, and we really don’t ask for anything in return, except to enjoy our lives and our families.

I also read that our nation is broke. We’re out of money, but we keep “redistributing” money we don’t have. Obama has added 1.5 trillion to our debt. The Shitheads have spent it ALL. Now they’re asking for a VAT (value added tax). That’s one of the scariest of all taxes. This tax will be collected on the increased value of all items as they are manufactured. This will drive up the cost of raw goods every step of the way until they’re consumed. Once they get this tax on the books, it ain’t going away.

They’re talking of a VAT of around 20% on each step of increase of value. Can we afford a 20% increase on everything we buy? These people have gone completely out of their minds.

The big question is “what have we got to show for all the money spent by our lovely politicians?” Absolutely friggin ZERO. The poor are still poor and the ranks are getting larger. Our grandkids are gonna have income taxes so high that they will join the ranks of the poor.

It all boils down to THEFT. They have stolen our kids future and what’s really sad is they have also stolen our past. I actually do not trust not even one politician.

Unfortunately our whole culture has become untrustworthy, it seems as though almost everyone is a liar, a cheat and a thief. This is not the America I knew as a kid.

What’s sad is I don’t see any hope for our immediate future. Cross your fingers that I am wrong and our strong, honest and trustworthy leader will emerge soon. God help us all if he or she doesn’t.

That’s how I see it! EJAY


  1. You are such a good person.
    And you're right.

  2. If this man who refuses to provide viable proof of USA citizenship, and who spends millions of dollars to keep his true identity secret, can so quickly and easily almost bankrupt the people of this great nation, and the Congress and disillusioned voters continue to support him and his crooked cronies, we as a country are truly in deep doo-doo.

  3. Obama is only the end result of 50 years of lying and stealing by our lowlife politicians. We as a country have lossed our moral compass. Probably gonna take a second coming of some sort to save us.

  4. Those words ring so true for the state of our country today. It just seems to have gone further and further downhill. The country that I cherish and revere has now raised serious concerns for the wholesome, hardworking, honest, law-abiding people of this nation. Those of us that have abided by all rules and regulations are now in the hands of some rulings that definitely shows Satan has his hands in it. God help us all!! I pray daily for our safety and that we may once again go back to a God fearing nation. If not.... look out!!