Friday, May 17, 2013


This one is one of those "outta the mouths of babes" or maybe "kids say the darnedest things" not sure which, but about 14 years ago my sweet little Allison graduated from Pre-K. The ceremony was held at a local church in the Katy area.

To set the stage, Allison spent a tremendous amount of time with Sharron and I. Most of that time was spent on my lap. I guess you could say she was definitely the apple of her PePa's eye and I'd like to think she felt the same about me. On more than one occasion I would joke around and tell her "I'm gonna take my belt off and whip your butt". She always knew I was kidding around because she would get that little wrinkled smile and start laughing.

Well on the night in question Sharron and I got to the church with time to spare. We got ourselves positioned with decent seats kind of close to the front near the stage. When all the kiddos came in they marched them down the aisle towards the stage. For some reason as she was headed up the stairs Alli Pooh looked at me and noticed I was wearing slacks with a belt and in a large voice she asked "Pepa are you gonna take that belt off and whip my butt"?

At the time I was mortified and probably beet red with embarrassment, but now looking back, I would not trade it for the world. Tomorrow morning at 10:00 am we will once again be in a church for another Pre-K graduation for Alli Pooh's younger brother Austin. My only question is will this "A" kid do what the other "A" kid did 14 years ago.

I am blessed too have both of them in my life and hope to see both of them graduate from college. If they don't, I'm gonna take my belt off and.........

At leased that's how I see it,


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  1. Awesome post! I've never heard that story about Alimac. I love it!