Friday, March 26, 2010


March 25, 2010

I’m a firm believer in the Afterlife. Even though I have had a full and happy life “Things just have to be better”.

You see, things that have happened are like a permanent tattoo, they ain’t goin away. There is no “do over”. So I’ve decided to list the things that will be different. I’m gonna start with a few trivial things and work my way up to the important shit.

1) No one will steal my silver wagon when I am 6 years old. Man, I still wish they would return it!

2) Ron Felix will not punch me in the stomach at 7 years old. Ron, sorry for mentioning your name.

3) My Dad won’t send me back to get punched in the belly a second time for crying. Life lesson I guess?

4) I won’t throw a cat on my sister Judy’s bare back. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that one.

5) I probably will be born rich instead of good lookin. That’s a big stretch!

6) I will spend less time trying to fit in and more time getting to know my true friends. Seems to me that I should have just been myself and quit worrying about what other people thought. Vanity, I guess!

7) I’ll remember the things I learned in school. I wish I could remember why I can’t remember things.

8) I’ll definitely spend more time with my daughters. I was somewhat AWOL in their formative years, But, I don’t think it did any permanent damage, except to my regrets.

9) I won’t smoke, not even one cigarette. I quit smoking January 1, 13 years ago. I’m still trying to dodge bullets from that.

10) My dad won’t die from Parkinson’s disease at 72 years old. A terrible way to die and way too young. Hell, I'm just about that age already.

I guess this is just a bunch of regrets. We all should ask for forgiveness and do a little forgiving before it’s too late. At least that’s how I see it.



  1. I would say it's good to look back and only have 10 regrets.

  2. Awww, Dad. This is a really sweet post.

    And I'm glad you mentioned Ron Felix's name. That way I can look him and go punch him in the stomach. He may find it doesn't feel very good!

  3. Profound, prosaic, personal... well said.

  4. I had forgotten that one. I am still mad at you. It hurt!! Judy

  5. This made me laugh out loud.