Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Thought I had seen it all, but......

OK, by now all of you know I'm a little conservative. You may think it strange that I would have liberal leaning friends, but I do. My life is not consumed with conservativism, whereas with my liberal friends, liberalism is a religion.

I really do care about mankind, and I want everybody to get the hand-up they deserve. I recently posted an update to facebook that was straight from my heart. It dealt with the pending health care bill which I staunchly disagreed with, mainly because of the cost and loss of liberties that I foresaw. Keep in mind that this was just an opinion, albeit based in bonafide fact.

One of my liberal friends from the past was blown away with disbelief that I could think that the heath care bill was not a good thing. His words were "ED I hope you really don't believe that statement. The skies will not fall and 32Million folks will have insurance for the first time...I promise that will save us money!"

My friend is a career bureaucrat that I graduated from high school with, 50 years ago. We haven't seen each other since graduation. I guess this explains why he was blown away. His circle of friends probably doesn't include conservatives. Makes it a little tough to understand guys like me when liberalism is your religion.

In trying to understand where my friend is coming from, I visited his site to gather info on his friends and what kind of comments they make to each other. As it turns out, and my friend probably is not aware of it, one of his friends is a proud member and fan of a site called Social-Programs-and-Responsibility-to-the-Lower-Class. I went to this site and they have 3 fans. I'm not exactly sure what they do except for opening their hearts to each other and watching them bleed. The only picture on this site is of a homeless guy and a statement that they want to help the LOWER CLASS!

I think these do-gooders got their classes mixed up!


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