Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lies, Lies and more Lies!

March 27, 2010

I don’t know for sure when the first lie was told, but I think it was probably in the Garden of Eden. I can’t imagine how many Bazillion lies have been told since then. I’m just having trouble with all the lies swirling around in my life at the moment.

I was raised by my Mamma with a very strict rule, you just don’t tell a bold face lie. I use the word bold because I’m not sure if it is bold or bald face, and that is the truth, not a lie. See my Mamma taught me right!

The problem is that I always thought it was fun to tell little white lies, just joke around with people. You know, say stuff that you thought would make people laugh even if it is a lie. I never told bold face lies only fibs.

So I lived in this little white lie world never really knowing what the cutoff point was. When does a little white lie become a real lie and cross the line, hell I’m not sure I know at 67 years old. I guess it depends on whether you feel guilty for fibbing or if you feel like you hurt someone for fibbing.

January 1st of this year I retired, so I thought. Actually I was semi-retired, there I go again, almost fibbing.

Yesterday I discovered that the person handling my business for me has been outright lying to me. We had a major set to. I said a bunch of things that my Mamma wouldn’t like and the words cannot be taken back. This person has been a trusted confidant for about 10 years, so I thought.

As a result I’m un-retiring, if that is a word, but the whole situation has got me looking at the lying world we live in.

One of my biggest customers is new to this country and in his culture it is required to barter and in this process a whole hell of a lot of lies are told. In the past I always started this process by lying about what I wanted so I could give up something to get what I wanted or needed to do the deal. This is the part of the relationship with my customer that I liked the least. When I talk to my customer I expect mostly lies and that is sad.

Our culture in America is now exactly like my customer’s. We have had nothing but lies from our politicians for my entire life. They took every dollar from our social security fund and spent it just so they could keep power. What have we got to show for all the money?

There is no money in the trust fund and now the amount being paid out is exceeding what is being paid in. And guess what, we are spending in numbers to big to comprehend. Sounds like to me that there has to be an ulterior motive. Regardless of what’s going on, we have way too many lies!

I for one have had enough fibs, and that is not a lie!


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