Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Ok Guys, most if not all of you know the kind of language I use. I don't consider the occasional "S" word or "D" word as grounds for your bitchin'. My Sweet Mama used the "S" word quite abit and if it was ok for her then it is sure as shit is ok for me. I very rarely use the "F" word and I never put it in print, I would be  too "F'ing mad to type, I think. That makes sense to me on some level.

As for my FaceBook friends, if I offend you on occasions with my language or slightly perverted sense of humor, do what I do when that happens to me, just HIDE the post. That's makes a hell of lot more sense than unfriending me. And what ever you do, you sure as hell don't want to tell me about it. That's kind of like using Snopes on me. Ewww

Ok, this is my rant for the day which is for my friends, the rest of you I don't don't give a shit about!

At least that's how I see it.


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